Tests work on a credit basis.
1 credit = 1 candidate taking 1 test
See our pricing calculator

Credits Bought Cost Per Credit
1 - 24 £10
25 - 99 £8
100 + £5

For bespoke tests and whitelabelling please contact us.

Pricing calculator

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Credits are deducted only when a test is finished, so if a candidate drops out or doesn't take their test you are not charged.

  • No contracts or commitment
  • Top-up whenever you want
  • Monitor your usage
  • No charge for no-shows
  • Credits never expire
  • Instant online top-up


How many credits do I need? One credit is enough to give one test to one candidate. Have a look at our pricing calculator above or here are some examples: 1) You have four candidates each taking a numerical reasoning test. That will require four credits. 2) You have 20 candidates each taking a personality questionnaire, a verbal reasoning test, and a critical thinking test. That would require 60 credits.


Can I have a free trial? Yes. Just create a free client account here and you can get started. If you drop us an email or give us a call we will happily add some free credits to your account so you can use it for free.


Which job level are these tests aimed at? Our tests are applicable to all job levels; from entry level to senior management. This is because our tests are adaptive. This means the difficulty of our tests automatically adjusts to suit each candidate's ability


Can I try the test for myself? Yes. Just set yourself up as a candidate to see the whole process from start to finish. You can also ask us for a free trial. Just give us a call on 02070 210 526 or drop us an email at info[at] and we add some free credits to your client account.


Do you offer an unlimited use license? Yes. Most people prefer to buy credits on a pay-as-you-go basis but if you have large numbers of candidates get in touch and we can discuss an unlimited use license.


What happens if my candidate drops out or doesn't complete their test? You won't be charged for any candidate who doesn't complete their test. Our platform deducts credits only when a test is finished.


What happens if a candidate accidentally gets cut off from the test before finishing? You can permit candidates to resume their tests, allowing the candidate to carry on from where they left off with no additional charge.


Do I need special training or BPS Test User qualifications? No. Our service is a 'bureau service' which means we take care of that for you. We are fully BPS trained so we act as your qualified support whenever you need us.