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About The Test Partnership Personality Questionnaire (TPPQ)

Personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character. Psychological research shows personality questionnaires to be useful predictors of workplace performance. Research shows personality questionnaires to be very effective selection tools when used in combination with interviews and/or aptitude tests.

The Test Partnership Personality Questionnaire (TPPQ) is our latest innovation in personality testing technology. The TPPQ combines a range of personality theories and models, including the Big 5 model of personality and the 16PF model of personality. Unlike personality “type” based theories which are criticised by academics for their low reliability and validity, the TPPQ’s personality theories are well-supported by empirical evidence. As a result, the TPPQ can be used in a wide range of practical applications, from employee selection to personal development.

The TPPQ is a useful selection and development tool at every level of recruitment, from entry level staff to senior managers. The TPPQ consists of 132 multiple choice questions and takes around 15-20 minutes to complete, but there is no time limit.

The TPPQ measures a wide range of personality traits, spanning across the Big 5 and 16PF models of personality, which include:

Personality Traits Measured:

  • Compassionate
  • Assertive
  • Approachable
  • Free Thinking
  • Private
  • Resilient
  • Reflective
  • Sociable
  • Sensitive
  • Assured
  • Methodical
  • Openness
  • Emotional Stability
  • Collected
  • Procedural
  • Cautious
  • Extraversion
  • Explorative
  • Calm
  • Conscientiousness
  • Agreeableness

Have your own traits you want to measure? Let us know and we can assess those too.

Test Partnership’s Questionnaire Suite

Test Partnership’s Questionnaire suite consists of three personality questionnaires. Since our Questionnaire suite is based on well supported and robust models of personality, all three tests are useful predictors of job performance, as well as showing utility in personal development. A thorough job analysis is recommended before using the questionnaire suite, ensuring the traits most relevant to the role are identified.

The questionnaire suite includes the following assessments:

1) The Test Partnership Personality Questionnaire (TPPQ): The TPPQ is our general measure of personality. The TPPQ consists of 132 questions across 21 different personality traits. The TPPQ is a useful selection / development tool in any role.

2) The Test Partnership Sales Questionnaire (TPSQ): The TPSQ is our sales personality questionnaire. The TPSQ only measures personality traits relevant to performance in sales, making the TPSQ a useful selection / development tool for sales roles.

3) The Test Partnership Leadership Questionnaire (TPLQ): The TPLQ is our leadership personality questionnaire. The TPLQ only measures personality traits relevant to performance in leadership, making the TPLQ a useful selection / development tool for leadership positions.

How the Questionnaires Suite Works

Personality questionnaires measure underlying personality traits based on one or more psychological models of personality. These personality traits are measured through the use of multiple choice questions, most often using a Likert scale. Candidates are given a number of statements, and asked to which extent they agree with those given statements. Their level of agreement is indicative of their standing on that specific personality trait.

Unlike aptitude tests, there are no correct / incorrect answers, just as there are no “Good” or “Bad” reports. Everything is contextual. Certain personality traits may be indicative of good performance in one role, but bad performance in another. Clients therefore, must decide what they are looking for personality wise, and seek candidates who meet those requirements. To speed this up, the Questionnaire suite comes with an optional “Job-Fit” score, allowing clients to select relevant traits and receive an average score across those selected traits. This gives clients a quick indicator of job-fit, without needing to analyse the report in depth.

Using The Test Partnership Personality Questionnaire (TPPQ)

The TPPQ is a powerful psychometric instrument with a wide range of practical applications. The TPPQ is based on some of the most supported models of personality, ensuring its usefulness in the real world. However, the TPPQ is only useful if clients know what to look for in a candidate. A thorough job analysis ensures that clients know what to look for, and how best to measure it. Certain personality traits are indicative of performance in virtually any role, where as other traits are extremely role specific. Therefore, it is recommended that clients take the time to identify which traits match the competency framework of the role, and select candidates accordingly.

The TPPQ and the Questionnaire suite can be used at any stage of the selection process. However, the TPPQ is particularly useful when administered alongside or following the aptitude testing stage of the selection process. Once you have ensured that the second stage candidates fit the intellectual demands of the role, the personality questionnaire becomes an even more valuable tool. We have all met people who are very smart, but not very hard working / resilient. Ensuring that candidates meet both the personal and cognitive demands of the role is essential, and personality questionnaires make exceptional follow-on tools to aptitude tests.

Alternatively, administering the TPPQ during the mid-late stages of a selection process can be useful as well. The personality report can also be used for on-boarding and personal development of selected candidates, helping them adjust to their new role and organisation.

Although the TPPQ and the Questionnaire suite are powerful predictive tools, no single type of selection tool should be used in isolation. Ideally, organisations should incorporate at least three distinct selection tools, each evaluating the three key elements which impact performance at work i.e. cognitive ability, personality and skills / knowledge. Leaving one or more of these aspects unmeasured reduces the usefulness of any selection process. We recommend that any selection process incorporates aptitude testing, personality testing and interviewing, ensuring a well-rounded selection process.

The Questionnaire suite is well complimented by the Test Partnership Adaptive Reasoning Assessment (ARA) suite. Aptitude tests measure very different traits to personality questionnaires, increasing their usefulness in combination. By using aptitude and personality testing in combination, you gain a more holistic perspective of the candidate, increasing the selection process validity.

Advantages Of The TPPQ

1) Accurate: Our personality questionnaires are reliable, precise and accurate. Every personality scale in the Questionnaire suite meets the psychometric requirements for reliable and valid personality measurement.

2) Robust: Unlike more tenuous personality models, the Questionnaire suite only uses robust and empirically supported models of personality. The Big 5 and the 16PF models of personality are the most supported, useful and valid models of personality, outperforming all others.

3) Quick: The TPPQ takes between 15-20 minutes to complete, saving time for both candidate and client. Reducing administration time without compromising psychometric rigor ensures that candidates don’t get bored and remain engaged.

4) Predictive: Personality traits within the Big 5 and 16PF models per personality are predictive of job performance. This makes the Questionnaire suite a useful indicator of future performance, and thus a useful selection tool.

5) Cost-effective: Personality questionnaires are often very expensive and rarely effective. Test Partnerships Questionnaire suite however, is both robust and affordable, ensuring a considerable return on investment.

6) Stress-free: With no time limits, candidates are free to take their time on our personality questionnaires. Similarly, since there are no right or wrong answers, candidates won’t be stressed out during a personality questionnaire.

7) Customisable: Looking to measure traits not measured by the Questionnaire Suite? Test Partnership can provide high quality bespoke and customised personality questionnaires both quickly and affordably.

8) Accessible: After registering with us for free, which only takes a minute or two, clients can start testing candidates ASAP. We do not charge for platform access, we have no psychometric training requirements, just high quality and easily accessible psychometric tools.

TPPQ Reporting

Reports are automatically generated upon test completion, reporting the candidate’s score benchmarked against the norm group. The report contain feedback narrative which explains the candidates score in real terms across each trait measured. Scores are presented both in 16PF format and in Big 5 format, allowing clients to use both models of personality simultaneously, or use their chosen model.

Pricing and Bulk Discounts

Test Partnerships operates on a credit system: 1 personality questionnaire = 4 credits. Credits are only debited for completed tests, so clients aren’t charged for incomplete questionnaires and dropouts. There are no hidden costs, no costs for platform access or associated training, just a straight forward, pay-as-you-go structure.

We have a bulk discount system, please visit the “Pricing” page for more details. Alternatively, for RPOs, resellers and solutions partners, please contact us directly for flexible options.

Bespoke Options and Customisation

Test Partnership are well positioned to provide bespoke psychometric tests and related services. From minor tweaks to a fully bespoke assessment systems, anything is possible. Please visit our “Solutions” section to see our bespoke and customisation options.

Your Branding

personality questionnaire branding

Easily upload your company logo for it to appear on the test interface and candidate pages. This is free as standard on all tests. If you want something a bit more "wow", we also offer full platform branding and a bespoke custom test building service.

Full Customisation

personality questionnaire custom

Need something a bit special? We specialise in adapting these standard tests and building bespoke tests for organisations. Let us help you select the best candidates with the best tests. To discuss your bespoke test requirements please get in touch.

Instant Online Setup

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Our direct-seller model means you can use our online tests regardless of your organisation's size, training, or structure. We sell direct to everyone looking to improve their selection decisions; we have supplied organisations ranging from small startups to big business, to independent recruitment consultants. We do not require you to have completed any BPS training to buy our tests; we provide this online testing service to everyone.

Personality Questionnaire Advice for Candidates

Unlike cognitive ability tests, personality tests are not timed and do not require the candidate to "perform". Candidates simply need to be honest and open regarding the questionnaire items in order to make the most of the test. Try out our free personality test to see how personality tests work, and what kind of questions you may be given in your upcoming personality test.


  • How does it all work?

    First you create an account. Once logged in you make a project which contains the tests you want your candidates to take. Next you invite candidates to take your tests. Candidates take their tests online (this can be in your office or remotely from home; it doesn't matter). As soon as each candidate finishes their tests you can see their results online.

    For a step-by-step guide please see our Quick Start Guide.

  • How much does it cost?

    Each personality questionnaire is four 'credits' and credits cost less the more you buy. Have a look at our pricing page for more details.

  • We're in Australia / Malaysia / Netherlands / Anywhere. Does it matter?

    No; our tests are all done online so as long as you have a stable internet connection you can be anywhere in the world. Every day we supply tests to people all over the world. We can also translate our tests into other languages but that's an extra service.

  • Can you white label your tests?

    Yes. Please speak to us.

  • Do you have an API?

    Yes. Please speak to us.

  • How hard are the questions?

    Personality questionnaires are not timed and the questions are easily answered. Many people even enjoy taking a personality questionnaire. Whilst they are not timed we advise people not to over-think their answer; often your first answer is the most true.

  • Can you 'cheat' the questionnaire?

    Not really. You'd be surprised at how accurate the reports are. And this experience tallies with all the research that's been done; it's very difficult to consistently and believably answer these questions from anyone's perspective other than your own. Yes you could exaggerate you answers, but the way other questions also measure the same trait means it is almost impossible to distort your final result.

  • Do you have this questionnaire in other languages?

    No sorry. But as an extra service we can translate it for you.

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