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Candidate taking our mechanical reasoning test
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Mechanical Reasoning Test

Assess your candidates’ ability to apply mechanical and physical principles to systems or processes.

Mechanical reasoning technical details

  • grey information icon Measures mechanical reasoning ability.
  • grey list icon 24 questions
  • grey clock icon 20 minutes
  • grey anonymous profile icon Apprentices, graduates, professionals, managers, senior executives
  • grey 4 point zig-zag chart with trend going up icon Computer adaptive test
  • grey man with arms outstretched and raised icon Reduce adverse impact
  • grey eye icon Supervised or unsupervised
  • grey spanner icon Customisable
  • grey briefcase icon Designed for all sectors
  • grey folder sharing icon High-volume testing, early-stage screening, routine selection
  • grey sim card with exclamation mark icon Cheat protection
  • grey laptop and phone icon PC, Mac, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile

This mechanical reasoning test is suitable for:

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High-volume testing

With this test only taking around 15 minutes on average to complete, the mechanical reasoning test is the ideal high volume recruitment tool.

Large-volume campaigns where companies have strong attraction strategies and need to filter high quality candidates.

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Early-stage screening

The mechanical reasoning test measures an essential cognitive ability which underpins high performance technical roles

Effective first-stage pre-screen of applicants before progressing to more cost-intensive stages such as interviews.

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Routine selection

Ability tests are a quick and effective way to identify high performers for routine recruitment processes (i.e. graduate and apprentice schemes).

Classic application of psychometric testing such as graduate schemes or apprenticeship schemes.

Key features

  • Adaptive Algorithm
  • Fully Customisable
  • Secure
  • Norms & Benchmarks
  • Candidate Experience
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Fair & Inclusive
  • Professionally Validated

Online mechanical reasoning test

This mechanical reasoning test predicts job performance. Mechanical ability is a facet of general mental ability, and candidates’ results from this test help you select those most likely to excel in technical and highly hands-on roles. This mechanical reasoning test can be used alone or in combination with other assessments, such as inductive, numerical, or verbal reasoning tests.

Engage candidates with a positive candidate experience that is inclusive and fair for everyone.

Modern adaptive tests for the digital age

Hiring the right people is the most important thing your organisation will do.

Test Partnership applies cutting-edge predictive data science to hiring, and allows you to benefit from decades of research through our psychometric test tools.

Bring your selection process into the digital age with our fully mobile-responsive tests.

Fair and inclusive selection

For improved diversity and inclusion, Test Partnership has optimised all our tests to achieve industry-beating low adverse impact.

All our tests are designed to identify high-performance whilst minimising adverse impact. We achieve this by trialling and re-trialling against tens of thousands of participants from all backgrounds.

Who uses our tests

  • Kaplan
  • Allianz
  • Roche
  • Unilever
  • Save The Children
  • Clear Score
  • Deloitte
  • AIG
  • Prudential
  • Opus Energy
  • Glencore
  • Marsh
  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • Schneider Electric
  • Talk talk
  • Land Securities
  • Fujifilm
  • Baker Tilly
The site can be personalised, is easy to navigate, and the ability to make your own tests is very beneficial.
Daniel Watney
Charlotte Butt
Associate Partner – HR Lead
Daniel Watney LLP
The Test Partnership team are incredibly helpful - very friendly and quick to respond (we're talking within minutes!)
Instant Impact
Mollie Cross
Talent Partner
Instant Impact
A reliable tool that helps us hire the best talent in the market. It gives us an overall view of the candidate’s performance in real-time.
Helmi Talib
Rocel Magtibay
Human Resource Director
Helmi Talib Group
Test Partnership has a large library of sophisticated tests that we can implement quickly. The team are great and always on hand with a speedy response to questions when we need them.
Bright Network logo
Paul Porter
Senior Recruitment Operations Manager
Bright Network

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Mechanical reasoning

Mechanical reasoning is the ability to apply mechanical and physical principles to systems or processes. Mechanical reasoning is a major facet of general cognitive ability, the strongest overall predictor of job performance. As a result, mechanical reasoning tests are powerful predictors of performance at work, especially in combination with other aptitude tests.

Our mechanical reasoning test

Our mechanical reasoning test is the latest development in aptitude testing technology. It uses computer adaptive testing to increase accuracy, reduce administration time and improve candidate experience. The mechanical reasoning test’s adaptive testing technology tailors question difficulties to the candidate’s performance, honing in on the candidate's level of ability. Candidates are never bored by easy questions, or discouraged by overly difficult questions. Instead, every candidate’s test is challenging and engaging, but not overwhelming.


Commonly asked questions.

  • How much does it cost?

    We charge on a per-candidate basis, not on a per-assessment basis. Please visit our pricing page for more information.

  • What level are these tests designed for?

    This is one of the advantages of our adaptive test technology; this mechanical test is suitable for all levels. This includes: school leavers; administrative; graduates; managers; professionals; and senior executive. Every level is covered.

  • How do you protect candidate data?

    We're glad you asked! This is something Test Partnership are quite passionate about and we have implemented privacy by design principles throughout our organisation. We have a whole host of safeguards including: access control; encryption; firewalls; retention policies; and anonymisation. To see all the steps we take please see our GDPR page.

Candidate tips

Mechanical reasoning tests assess your ability to apply mechanical and physical principles to systems or processes. This is a form of psychometric test designed by professional occupational psychologists and the results predict how well you will perform in the workplace. This is the key difference with other tests or exams you may have taken before. Psychometric tests are not like exams. Exams test your ability to remember learned skills whilst psychometric tests assess your innate mental horsepower.

Always check the units to make sure you don't make a silly mistake. You might be expected to convert units from a given conversion table, so do your best to pay attention to the details.

The level of mechanical knowledge you will need for a mechanical reasoning test is not very advanced: instead it focuses more on reasoning ability than knowledge. This is so that everyone has the same chance regardless of education.

Make sure you not only read the instructions but you understand them. Take a moment to think about what each question is asking and how you could use the information to work it out, before jumping straight in.

The time per question will be displayed on-screen however try not to let the timer distract you. If you lose internet connection during the test, don't worry, simply log back in and continue from where you were.


Cross-platform compatibility and robust digital infrastructure ensure full, secure assessment delivery to every candidate.

Maximum compatibility and maximum candidate engagement with minimum drop-out rates.

online assessment

How Pricing works

Test Partnership offers two pricing options: 1) pay-as-you-go, or 2) unlimited use subscriptions. On our pay-as-you-go pricing, candidates can complete any combination of assessments for the same cost, as we charge on a per-candidate basis not a per-assessment basis. On our unlimited usage subscriptions, you can test an unlimited number of candidates, using any combination of assessments for a fixed monthly or annual cost.

You can see a full list of our prices on our pricing page.

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