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Psychometrics for Managers and Executives

How psychometric testing can help organisations hire business leaders

The unique challenges that employers face in manager and executive recruitment

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Low Volumes:

When selecting a new managing director or CEO, it’s very unlikely you will find hundreds of suitable, experienced candidates for the role. Low volumes come with problems of their own, making each and every viable candidate essential to the process.

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Soft Skills:

Many first-time managers are tremendously competent technically, but lack those softer skills that management requires. This often happens when professionals are promoted based purely on their technical expertise, but not their people skills.

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Scheduling Issues:

Its no secret that executives and senior managers are busy people. Finding mutually agreeable times to partake in interviews, especially partner interviews, is a particularly mammoth task, and can take a significant amount of time.

How psychometrics should be used to hire managers and executives

Psychometric assessments provide a wealth of information about senior business leaders, far more than could ever be obtained through interviews alone. Executive and managerial assessment must be taken seriously, both by the employing organisation and the candidates themselves. Almost always, this calls for a comprehensive battery of assessments, ensuring that any selection decision made is based on the best available evidence. Ideally, these data will be combined with interviews, ensuring that selection decisions are always made holistically.

Another major advantage of online assessments in managerial and executive recruitment, is their convenience. Online assessments can be completed anywhere, at any time, fitting well into the candidates’ busy schedules. This is especially helpful in executive recruitment, as it can identify those candidates which are worth inviting to final interviews, which are notoriously difficulty to schedule. This saves employing organisations the cost and administrative effort of interviewing everyone that applies, minimising the time that your executives need to spend interviewing.

How Test Partnership can help

Test Partnership offers a range of assessments which are ideal for managers and executives. Some have been designed specifically for management roles, presenting candidates with questions that are specific to business leaders. Other are designed for high stakes, low volume recruitment more generally, measuring essential psychological constructs that are more ubiquitous. In every case, our assessments are both convenient and accessible, allowing assessors to test candidates in their own time, or in person as part of an interview / assessment centre.

The breadth of assessments we offer allow HR teams to assess a wide range of important psychological constructs, extensively covering both cognitive and behavioural traits. This ensures that managers and executives can be assessed on both the harder skills associated with task performance, the softer skills associated with contextual performance. This breadth ensures that managers and executives are assessed holistically, capturing the skills and traits which cannot be measured via interview.

Assessments we recommend for Managers and Executives

The following assessments are especially useful when hiring managers and executives. Unlike comparatively blunt high volume sifting tools, these assessments provide a far greater level of precision, ensuring that candidates are fairly and thoroughly vetted.

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1) Perceptions Managerial

This test measures the ability to make sound judgements and apply effective decision-making in workplace relevant settings.


Situational judgement tests are ideal managerial selection tools, providing an excellent behavioural indicator of judgement and decision making.

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2) Concepts Critical Thinking

This test measures the ability to conceptualise, apply, analyse and evaluate information in order to reach a meaningful conclusion.


More powerful than a traditional verbal reasoning test, Concepts Critical Thinking is essential for roles involving complex qualitative information and / or meaningful decision making.

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3) TPAQ-45 Complete Profile:

This test measures the key personality traits which collectively comprise a person’s character, temperament and behavioural preferences.


The TPAQ-45 Complete Profile measures 45 distinct personality traits, providing an unparalleled level of depth when predicting future performance, job-fit, and culture-fit.

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