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Learning Agility

Assess your candidates’ propensity to learn and to seek knowledge in around 20 minutes

  • 20 minutes
  • 152 questions
  • Fair and valid science
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The Ethos Behavioural Styles Questionnaire (L): Learning Agility

The learning agility questionnaire employs modern item response theory (IRT) psychometric modelling, the latest research findings in the field of behavioural assessment.

  • 20 minute assessment
  • 152 questions
  • All levels covered: apprentice to CEO
  • PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Automatic cheat-protection systems
  • Accessible and unbiased by design
  • Predicts workplace performance
  • CSV upload and ATS integration
  • Use your logo and branding

Our qualified business psychologists have designed this Learning Agility test to quickly measure a candidate's key traits and behavioural dispositions.

Developed by qualified business psychologists it adheres to the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) standards on fairness, validity, and reliability.

Using adaptive test technology, this Soft skills questionnaire has built-in levels for all roles from apprentice to CEO.

Choose from our pre-built norm groups to easily compare your candidates against global benchmarks, or create your benchmarks.

Tried and trusted

Join a community of over 6,000 global companies using Test Partnership assessments to help them hire the best people quickly, easily, and fairly.

"Great customer and client service, super responsive account managers and tech support. The testing platform is extremely easy to use."

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Tim Jackson Director and Principle Advisor, HR Solutions Hub Ltd

"A reliable tool that helps us hire the best talent in the market. It gives us an overall view of the candidate’s performance in real-time."

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Rocel Magtibay Human Resource Director, Helmi Talib Group

"The Test Partnership team are incredibly helpful - and quick to respond (we're talking within minutes!)"

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Mollie Cross Talent Partner, Instant Impact

"The site can be personalised, is easy to navigate, and the ability to make your own tests is very beneficial."

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Charlotte Butt HR Lead & Associate Partner, Daniel Watney LLP

Test Partnership has a large library of sophisticated tests that we can implement quickly. The team are great and always on hand with a speedy response.

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Paul Porter Senior Recruitment Operations Manager, Bright Network

"In the new age of remote workers, and hiring through teams etc. TestPartnership is an excellent tool to evaluate a candidate. Test Partnership is solving the lack of meeting candidates face-to-face."

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Frank Larsen Chief Commercial Officer, Signagelive

"Test Partnership's assessments have been a great way for us to easily screen and test candidates. It's fast to use and we highly recommend it."

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Learning agility testing for every role and every level

Objectively measure measure a candidate's learning agility across all levels including apprentice, graduate, managers, and CEO.

You can be confident in the results knowing our learning agility test are automatically tailored to assessing each candidate's unique behavioural disposition.

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Boost candidate experience

Showcase your brand by adding your colours and your logo to our assessments.

You can build assessments tailored to your role by choosing from our library of pre-built valid assessments. Choose from our pre-built norm-groups to easily rank and compare your candidates' scores.

Assessments led by science

Proven and trusted online assessments to quickly identify potential. All our assessments use robust science backed up by research and development according to EFPA standards.

Developed by experts

Our assessments are meticulously crafted by a team of seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Years of industry and academic experience from our in-house psychometric team, combined with a relentless dedication to innovation, empowers us to continually refine and enhance our assessments. This ensures that our tests are up the highest standard.

Industry-leading accuracy

Our commitment to industry-leading accuracy means that every data point is a reliable guide for your decision-making. We've fine-tuned our assessments to be precise, so you can have confidence in the outcomes. With our proven and trusted online assessments, you're not just getting data; you're getting actionable insights that can shape your future success. When accuracy matters, you can count on us.

Reduce bias

The advantage of behavioural assessments lies in their objectivity, as they do not necessitate a human evaluator or assessor. Human assessors can potentially introduce unconscious bias into the assessment process. Through behavioural testing, we reduce the likelihood of unconscious bias at this stage in the recruitment process, thereby ensuring that high performers are not excluded due to irrelevant demographic factors. Our assessments are meticulously crafted with inclusivity as a primary consideration.

The strongest predictor of success

Research has shown that behavioural assessments are powerful predictors of job performance. Our assessments measure the specific behavioural constructs which underpin performance, employee engagement, and job satisfaction, helping to ensure person-role fit. This allows you to maximise the probability of hiring the right candidates, improving quality of hire.

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Reduce bias

All our tests exceed current psychometric standards and have been shown to be fair and unbiased towards protected groups.

Performance data

Calibrated by tens of thousands of results correlated with job performance predictors.

Cheat protection

Rigorous protection against candidate cheating including: item banking; digital copy protection; and atypical behaviour detection.

Candidate experience

Modern user interface and graphics library for easy administration, shorter test times, and adaptive tests to enhance candidate experience.


Our tests and platform are fully compatible across PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone, so everyone has access even on-the-go.

The Ethos Behavioural Styles Questionnaire (L) Traits

Below is the full list of all the traits measured by the The Ethos Behavioural Styles Questionnaire (L): Optionally you can weight specific traits applicable to your role:

Change Agility

Curiosity - An individual’s propensity to seek new knowledge, expand understanding, and investigate new topics.

Cognitive Flexibility - An individual’s propensity to display openness towards new ideas, concepts, principles, and opinions.

Variety Seeking - An individual’s preference for variety, novelty, and change, over predictability and routine.

Long-term Focused - An individual’s likelihood of taking a long-term perspective, with a focus on the bigger picture.

People Agility

Connection Seeking - An individual’s propensity to develop new social relationships and to expand upon existing ones.

Openness to People - An individual’s likelihood of readily accepting new people into their existing social circle.

Openness to Cultures - An individual’s level of interest in and acceptance of other cultures, perspectives, and viewpoints.

Social Tact - An individual’s propensity to be careful, deliberate, and savvy when engaging in meaningful social interaction.


Need for Development - An individual’s orientation towards life-long learning and a commitment to personal development.

Self-monitoring - An individual’s propensity to pay careful attention to their own emotions, mood, feelings, and mental state.

Emotional Regulation - An individual’s propensity towards managing their own emotions and associated behaviours.

Mental Agility

Innovation - An individual’s propensity to generate new ideas, expand upon existing ideas, and identify novel solutions to problems.

Complexity - An individual’s likelihood of understanding, appreciating, and preferring complex and abstract information.

Problem Solving - An apprentice’s propensity towards innovation, idea generation, and outside the box thinking. Measures the following sub-traits: Long-term focused, Creativity, Innovation, Need for Cognition.

Creativity - An individual’s proclivity towards solutions that are new, unusual, unorthodox, and generally outside the box.

Need for Cognition - An individual’s propensity to derive personal satisfaction from complex cognitive activities and problem solving.

Results Agility

Goal-orientation - An individual’s proclivity towards finding set goals, targets, and objectives to be personally motivating.

Self-confidence - An individual’s belief in their own personal competence, abilities, skill, and their level of agency.

Ambition - An individual’s personal drive to succeed, out-compete others, and aspire towards high levels of achievement.

Perseverance - An individual’s likelihood of maintaining a high degree of effort in the face of obstacles and difficulties.

Learning Agility Broad Traits

Change Agility - A person’s behavioural propensity to recognise, accept, understand, and champion transformational change.

Mental Agility - A person’s behavioural propensity to gear their cognitive resources towards learning and problem solving.

People Agility - A person’s behavioural propensity to form meaningful and effective connections with the people around them.

Results Agility - A person’s behavioural propensity to display strong and consistent levels of achievement motivation.

Self-Awareness - A person’s propensity to monitor, evaluate, and make meaningful adjustments to their direction in life.

Learning Agility Test FAQs

How much does it cost?

We charge on a per-candidate basis, not on a per-assessment basis. Please visit our pricing page for more information.

When should I use a personality questionnaire?

Any stage of selection. Personality questionnaires can form part of your initial sift or, more commonly, they are one element of a process you have for shortlisted candidates. For example in senior roles it is common to ask shortlisted candidates to complete the questionnaire remotely and then come in for a structured interview.

What levels are these tests designed for?

This is one of the advantages of our adaptive test technology; this questionnaire is suitable for all levels. However, the TPAQ-45 is best suited to high stakes recruitment and the TPAQ-27 is best suited to early stage sifting.

How do you protect candidate date?

We're glad you asked! This is something Test Partnership are quite passionate about and we have implemented privacy by design principles throughout our organisation. We have a whole host of safeguards including: access control; encryption; firewalls; retention policies; and anonymisation. To see all the steps we take please see our GDPR page.

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