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Bespoke assessment solutions

Our expertise allows us to build and validate any test you can imagine

Sometimes off-the shelf is not enough

In most scenarios our off-the-shelf tests are the most valid way to select the best candidates. But where your selection strategy needs to incorporate candidate attraction powers, we can build a custom solution.

We have in-house research and software capability to work with any measurable trait or predictive behaviour, on any platform.

Your brand is your USP

For many companies, their candidates are also their future customers and brand advocates. So re-enforcing your brand and creating candidate buzz is an important part of your attraction strategy. When we build custom assessments we embed robust scientific research to make sure your assessment is not just an attraction gimmick; it actually predicts performance for your company.

What we've done

Examples of some of the bespoke tests we have built for forward-thinking clients. These are just examples of what we've done before, but if you have something in mind please contact us to discuss. For bespoke projects it might also make sense to come and visit us at our London office.

Engineering consultant test battery

We built a large item bank of custom engineering consultant based questions for a large engineering consultancy. Diversity and candidate experience were important for this client so we made sure the questions were accessible to all applicants whilst being recognised as relevent to engineering roles.

This test development was complemented by custom engineering industry norm groups.

Custom 360 questionnaire tool

We teamed up with a 360 feedback provider to build a custom personality questionnaire which complements their 360 feedback tool.

For this project we write, trialled, and validated a new personality questionnaire which maps to en existing competency framework to provide added insight to 360 participants and administrators.

Custom graduate-level benchmarking assessment battery

For a large media group we designed a series of graduate-level ability tests: numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning. Due to the size of the annual applicant pool the item banks we created contained many hundreds if items.

This also involved generating custom norm groups for every UK university and degree category.

“Test Partnership helped the Fire Service College to design a series of ability tests to support the UK Fire Service in their recruitment of firefighters, which addressed their needs to have online test administration, be set in fire service context and minimise adverse impact.” Emma Carr, UK Attraction and Selection Manager, The Fire Service College

UK firefighters ability assessments

The UK's Fire Service College needed a series of highly-relevent aptitude tests to help them improve diversity and quality of hire. The result was a bespoke adaptive item-banked numerical test, verbal test, and mechanical reasoning test which framed questions in a firefighting context.

Diversity and inclusion was a big part of this project and we worked closely with several fire stations to make sure their selection strategy picked the best people whilst making sure eveyone had a fair chance.

“The groundbreaking mobile-first features of the Grad-DNA tests would not have been possible without the support and expertise provided by Test Partnership" Stephen Reilly, Founder & Director, Grad DNA

Graduate assessment app

We started from first principles to deliver a series of truly mobile-first aptitude tests. We created an validated large item banks of numerical, verbal, inductive, and critical thinking tests and trialled them on thousands of candidates through a simulated app.

Candidate experience was extremely positive and (as with all our tests) adverse impact was minimised. The result was a series of engaging, valid, mobile-first aptitude tests.

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Data network

Our network of participant trial assessments mean hundreds of thousands of people take our trial tests to help us validate our bespoke solutions.

We validate every test we build using thousands of data points.

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Adaptive Algorithms

Our propriety adaptive test technology allows us to build shorter and more accurate tests. Right answers make the next question more difficult (with increased marks) and wrong answers make the next question easier (worth fewer marks).

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Mobile Responsive

Our expertise and experience in mobile assessments means clients often come to us for mobile-first solutions. We have in-house developers and leading occupationsl psychologists to deliver any mobile solution.

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Predict People Performance

Our consultants are thought-leaders in the field of occupational psychology. Our assessments predict performance and our talent analytics software can correlate bespoke measures with your performance indicators.

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