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What are Psychometric Tests?

What are Psychometric Tests?

Lead consultant at Test Partnership, Ben Schwencke, takes us through the question: What are psychometric tests?


So what are psychometric tests?

In simplest terms, a psychometric test is anything, any assessment which is designed predominantly to measure a construct which is psychological in nature, as opposed to physical.

So for example personality questionnaires measure personality traits which are entirely psychological constructs they exist only within our minds.

Cognitive ability tests; another example measuring cognitive abilities specific mental abilities which underpin our ability to perform complex tasks.

But more than that other assessments, knowledge tests for example knowledge is a psychological construct as much as personality or cognitive ability.

Although they're not traditionally associated with one another and when we talk about psychometric tests we're usually referring to the former, it applies to us as much to the latter. Interviews, as well, usually designed to measure something psychological.

Resilience, work ethic, integrity - competencies, for example, that makes interviews a psychometric test as much as any personality questionnaire but when talking about psychometrics in everyday practice, we usually mean questionnaire based assessments designed to measure very specific psychological constructs, but the definition itself is very broad.

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