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What is Industriousness?

Lead consultant at Test Partnership, Ben Schwencke, explains industriousness.

0:49 Quickly understand industriousness.

Industriousness is a personality trait which determines how hardworking, determined, diligent and persistent a person is. People who score highly on industriousness tend to be persistent, focused and highly motivated to achieve their goals. They are self-starters and have a strong work ethic. People who score low on industriousness tend to be more relaxed and less motivated to achieve their goals.

Industriousness is closely related to the trait of conscientiousness in the Big Five personality traits, alongside openness to experiences, agreeableness, neuroticism and extraversion. Industriousness (or similarly defined constructs), also appear in other models of personality, including the HEXACO model and the 16PF model. Industriousness is therefore measured by a wide range of assessments, and is one of the more important psychological constructs in occupational settings.

In employee selection, industriousness is almost ubiquitously associated with job performance.

Naturally, industriousness allows people to focus on their work, keeping them diligent and attentive, increasing the quantity and quality of their outputs. Research also shows that industriousness is particularly important in highly demanding and challenging work, including leadership roles and entrepreneurial positions. This is because highly industrious individuals are highly motivated and determined, helping them to remain focused and persistent in their efforts.