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What is a Bespoke Assessment?

Lead consultant at Test Partnership, Ben Schwencke, explains what is a bespoke assessment.

1:26 Quickly understand bespoke assessments.

In the context of psychometric testing, bespoke assessments are assessments which have been designed for the exclusive use of a particular organisation. Bespoke assessments therefore, are designed to the organisation’s exact requirements, with organisation specific benchmarking and content-targeting. For example, a financial services firm may request a bespoke numerical reasoning test, comprising questions which are highly focused around that organisation’s typical operations. This increases the face validity of the assessment, helping with candidate buy-in and thus subsequent completion rates. Alternatively, they could request a bespoke personality questionnaire designed to measure their specific competency and values frameworks, ensuring their assessment measures the behaviours most important to them.

Commercial arrangements can vary between the organisation commissioning the bespoke assessment and the psychometric testing publisher. Sometimes, the organisation may licence the assessment after completion, allowing the psychometric testing publisher to retain ownership. Other times, the organisation hires the psychometric testing provider on a consultancy basis, ensuring that the organisation itself owns the intellectual property directly.

Due to the additional cost and development time required for bespoke assessments, they are typically utilised by the largest employers, but are less cost effective for smaller organisations.