profile Oliver
Oliver Savill

Oliver directs strategy and keeps the Test Partnership team focused on innovation. He is an expert in product and candidate experience. Oliver has a proven track-record of starting and operating successful technology-based companies.

profile Ben S
Lead Consultant
Ben Schwencke

Ben is responsible for client delivery work at Test Partnership and usually serves as the main point of contact. He holds an MSc in Occupational Psychology and is a registered test user of ability and personality testing.

profile Chloe
HR Manager
Chloe Yarwood

Chloe dedicates her time to making sure the Test Partnership team is performing to its full potential. Chloe looks after talent acquisition, talent development, performance management and colleague wellbeing.

profile Wessel
Full-stack Developer
Wessel Naude

Wessel develops new products and maintains existing high-availability solutions. He is also an integration specialist for partner APIs. Prior to joining Test Partnership Wessel developed an insurance platform for Lloyds.

profile Vincent
Full-stack Developer
Vincent Millette

Vincent builds and maintains our web application and assessments. His skill set focuses on databases, middleware and cyber security. He has previously worked for a wide variety of employers including Citigroup.

profile Charles
Project Manager
Charles Day

Charles is an expert delivery manager and product owner. His skills span website development, project management, client support and product development. Prior to joining Test Partnership Charles ran a computer shop.

profile Ben H
Marketing Manager
Ben Hopgood

Ben is a Content Marketing Manager at Test Partnership, with a talent for creating engaging content that resonates with readers. He leads the development of marketing content, such as blog articles, and email campaigns.

profile Josh H
Digital Marketing Manager
Josh Hancock

Josh is an SEO expert and digital marketer who makes sure Test Partnership is reaching the right audience. Josh optimises our website for search engines and manages our outreach strategy.

profile Jaya
Client Support
Jaya Chesterman

Jaya provides real-time support, helping our clients to make the most of their psychometric assessments. Jaya is dedicated to building lasting relationships, ensuring that everyone receives the support they deserve.