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Candidate assessment made easy

Unlock the potential of our assessment platform to streamline your hiring.

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Assess candidates in three easy steps

Simple intuitive platform to assess candidates

    Choose your tests

    Simply create a project which contains the tests you'd like candidates to take. Choose from our library of pre-validated tests, or build your own. Any questions we're always here to give you advice.

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    Invite candidates

    Our platform automatically sends email invites to your candidates. Invite individually or use time-saving tools like CSV upload or public links.

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    Review results

    Quickly review results in your dashboard. You can rank, review, and export results data for full data portability.

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  4. Done

    Quality of hire improved, time saved, bias reduced. Your hiring made easier.


Our tools make everything easier

  • Self-registration links

    Let candidates register themselves with your unique link.

  • Set deadlines

    Automatically close applications after your deadline.

  • Automatic emails

    Optionally set template emails for pass or fail actions.

  • CSV Upload

    Easily import a list of candidates to invite to your assessments.

  • Cheat protection

    Advanced logic to protect against AI cheating, test sharing, and false claims.

  • Accessibility

    Support for candidates with disabilities including: screen-reader and device support.

Plus many more time-saving features including:
  • Add your branding
  • Benchmarking
  • Open and close campaigns
  • Public invite link
  • ATS integrations and API access
  • Download PDF reports
  • Data portability
  • Team controls
  • Blind hiring mode
  • Data retention controls
  • Demographic data
  • Custom competencies to your role
  • Add extra time
  • MFA login security
  • Verification tests

Efficiency meets ease: stress-free testing

Discover a worry-free experience with Test Partnership, where we take the stress out of assessments, so you can focus on what truly matters – evaluating and developing top talent.

Expert support on demand

Our platform offers exceptional expert support whenever you need it. Whether you have questions, encounter challenges, or require guidance, our dedicated team is here to assist you at every step, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Effortlessly save time and resources

Say goodbye to time-consuming CV sifting and labour-intensive recruitment methods. Our platform automates the screening process, allowing you to save valuable time and effort while identifying the most promising candidates efficiently.

Efficient talent identification and management

Easily pinpoint top talent with our platform's advanced features. You can instantly filter, order, and sort candidates, making it simple to manage and organise your talent pool. This streamlines your recruitment process and ensures you can make well-informed hiring decisions.

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Advanced testing technology for smarter hiring

Discover smart hiring through our innovative testing technology, designed to elevate your recruitment process with precision and efficiency

Enhanced accuracy and candidate experience

Our platform exclusively features computer-adaptive tests, ensuring both precision and an improved candidate experience. By tailoring the assessments to each individual's abilities, we make sure that the results are more accurate and the testing process is more engaging and relevant.

Improved diversity and bias reduction

Our psychometric tests are designed to minimise bias and foster diversity in your hiring process. By relying on objective data and standardised assessments, we help create a fair and inclusive evaluation environment, promoting diversity and equality in your organisation.

Tailored assessments just for you

We understand that every organisation is unique. That's why we offer bespoke assessments, allowing you to customise the tests to align with your specific needs and corporate culture. This customisation ensures that your assessments provide an authentic reflection of your organisation.

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Pre-built integrations to simplify your workflow.

Test Partnership is integrated with all popular ATSs including SmartRecruiters, Workable, Greenhouse, and many more. Our developers are also on-had to create custom integrations for you.

Automate your hiring workflow using seamless integrations with your HRISs or ATSs.

Get started with a call

Chat to an expert and find out how Test Partnership can help your hiring needs