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Psychometrics for Mid-Market Businesses

How psychometric testing can help medium sized employers make the right selection decisions.

The unique recruitment challenges that medium sized businesses face

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Divided Attention:

Although medium sized businesses usually have a dedicated HR team, they rarely have dedicated resourcing teams. This means that HR professions need to be generalists, and thus can’t focus their full attention on recruitment and selection.

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Unpredictable Volumes:

Moderate volume recruitment is the least predictable form of recruitment when it comes to applicant pool size. You simply don’t know whether you will receive 10 applicants, or 100 applicants per role, making it very difficult to forecast.

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Culture Change:

Medium sized business, especially those growing quickly, run the risk of losing their original organisational culture if selection isn’t managed carefully. Unless controlled, a company’s culture could be lost forever, with the business becoming unrecognisable.

How medium sized businesses should use psychometrics

Mid-sized businesses need to use psychometric test both strategically and tactically, filling a wider range of niches than in larger or smaller business. Mid-sized businesses often have one or more high volume sifting programmes, usually grad-schemes, apprentice scheme, or an internship programme. These programmes require high volume sifting tools, which fairly and effectively reduce the size of the applicant pool. Not only will this improve the quality per-hire, it will significantly reduce the administrative burden on the HR team.

However, mid-sized businesses also need to hire experienced professionals, managers, and executives. Here, you cannot use high volume screening tools, as you simply won’t have enough candidates to screen. Instead, psychometrics should be used mid-late stage in the recruitment process, alongside telephone or face to face interviews. This kind of assessment requires far more powerful tests, ones which can identify even subtle differences between low volumes of high value candidates.

How Test Partnership can help

Test Partnership offers a uniquely flexible toolkit of assessments. Whereas most providers only offer high volume screening tools, Test Partnership offers both high volume screening tools, and low volume / high stakes selection tools. For high volume recruitment, we offer full suites of traditional ability tests, gamified ability tests, and short personality questionnaires. These assessments are easily automated, ensuring that high volumes of candidates are quickly and effectively screened, reducing the administrative burden on HR teams significantly.

In addition, we offer a range of low volume, high stakes selection tools. These tools are designed specifically for mid-late stage recruitment, providing a greater level of depth and detail than assessments designed for high volume sifting. These assessments are particularly useful for experienced professionals, managers, executives, and other high value candidates which are difficult to attract. Few psychometric test publishers provide assessments which are suitable for both forms of recruitment, making us uniquely suited to mid-sized business recruitment.

Assessments we recommend for mid-sized businesses

The following assessments are particularly useful to either high volume and early stage sifting, or later stage and lower volume selection. Because mid-sized businesses are likely to incorporate both at some point, they are especially likely to be relevant to mid-sized employers.

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1) MindmetriQ Series

The MindmetriQ series of gamified ability tests measures the essential cognitive abilities which underpin performance at work.


It comprises six engaging games, providing an ideal candidate experience for high volume graduate, apprentice, and internship schemes.

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2) TPAQ-27 Express profile

This test measures the key personality traits which collectively comprise a person’s character, temperament and behavioural preferences.


This assessment takes around 10-15 minutes to complete, quickly and conveniently identifying the key behavioural traits that underpin performance and culture-fit.

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3) Concepts Critical Thinking

This test measures the ability to conceptualise, apply, analyse and evaluate information in order to reach a meaningful conclusion.


More powerful than traditional verbal reasoning tests, Concepts Critical Thinking is ideal for higher stakes, lower volume, later stage assessment.

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