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Psychometrics for Large Employers

How psychometric testing can help large employers make the right selection decisions.

The unique recruitment challenges that large employers face

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High volumes:

Naturally, large employers must contend with high volumes of candidates. If managed improperly, this places a huge administrative burden on HR teams, reducing the HR team’s ability add value elsewhere.

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Candidate experience:

Because large employers tend to be household names, candidates are often potential (or current) customers. Providing a positive candidate experience is therefore a particular concern of larger employers and must be managed very carefully.

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Budgetary demands:

It’s no secret that large employers have stricter rules regarding procurement than smaller organisations. As a result, receiving and spending budget is significantly more difficult and less flexible than at smaller organisations.

How large businesses should use psychometrics

Although the primary reason to use psychometric assessments should always to improve quality of hire, a secondary objective for large businesses is to reduce the administrative burden. Telephone interviewing 10,000 applicants would consume tremendous resource, taking months for even the largest HR team to work through. Inviting 10,000 applicants to complete online assessments, however, can be done instantly, with the results coming back to the HR team automatically. Online assessments are uniquely scalable selection tools, saving large HR teams thousands of hours’ worth of unnecessary administration.

Similarly, candidate experience is another essential concern of large employers. High volume recruitment inevitably means that thousands of potential (or current) customers, clients, and stakeholders will be involved in the recruitment process, and must be managed appropriately. If they believe that your employee selection process is boring, ineffective, or unfair, this negatively impacts employer branding, and could result in a loss of future business.

How Test Partnership can help

Test Partnership offers a number of high volume assessments designed for early stage sifting. We provide traditional ability tests, gamified ability tests, situational judgement tests, and quick personality questionnaires. To reduce the administrative burden on assessors, our platform offers a wide range of time / effort saving features. Thousands of candidates can be added instantly using our bulk CSV upload feature. Generic self-registration links can be embedded in ATS emails, automatic replies, or hosted on careers sites. We can also formally integrate with any ATS, allowing clients to invite candidates using their existing technology stack.

Unlike many psychometric test providers, we offer unlimited use licences to clients. This means that HR teams only need to make a single purchase, allowing them to test candidates on an unlimited basis for 12 months or longer. This saves everyone the effort of raising multiple purchase orders, agreeing pricing several times, and getting purchases signed-off each time you want to test candidates.

Assessments we recommend for large employers

The following assessments are especially useful for high volume assessment. These assessments are designed to quickly and conveniently identify high performers, while providing an excellent candidate experience.

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1) MindmetriQ Series

The MindmetriQ series of gamified ability tests measures the essential cognitive abilities which underpin performance at work.


It comprises six engaging games, providing an ideal candidate experience for high volume graduate, apprentice, and internship schemes.

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2) Insights Series

The Insights Series of ability tests comprise computer adaptive numerical, verbal, and inductive reasoning tests.


Overall, completing all three assessments typically takes around 30 minutes, making insights both convenient for candidates and informative to employers.

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3) TPAQ-27 Express profile

This test measures the key personality traits which collectively comprise a person’s character, temperament and behavioural preferences.


This assessment takes around 10-15 minutes to complete, quickly and conveniently identifying the key behavioural traits that underpin performance and culture-fit.

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