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Simply enter the details of who you want tested, and our platform does the rest.

Choose Tests

Pick which tests you want to use and enter where the results get sent to.

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Invite Candidates

Enter the candidates' names and email addresses. Or just make a public access code.

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Tests Taken

Candidates take the test on any computer; either from home or at your office.

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Results Arrive

We email you the results as soon as tests are completed. Download reports with feedback.

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Quick Setup

You are free to add, edit, and remove candidate details throughout the process.

Search and sort candidates' data based on score, name, email, date, test.

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Review Results

Rank, compare, and download results in PDF format for each candidate.

Compare your candidates' scores with other people's scores for benchmarking.

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Complete Control

Buy credits to use whenever you need. Manage, view, and email your account history.

Grant access for different users and administrators. Keep tabs on each candidate's progress.

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Predictive Power

The science behind psychometric testing means that the results predict future job performance better than other selection tool (such as interviews, degree qualification, years of experience, positive impressions, etc.) Our tests measure candidates' innate reasoning ability, which research has shown gives a better indication of job performance than simply coming accross well or being able to recall facts.

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Experts on Hand

Our professionally-trained consultants provide a full service, from helping decide on which tests to use, to providing in-depth client feedback.

We are always here to answer questions, address technical issues, or provide advice. Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email at any time, we will always do our utmost to help you.

What You Do

  1. Enter the details of the candidates you want assessed.
  2. Choose which assessment(s) you want your candidates to take.
  3. Use the results to help you make the final selection decision.

What we Do

  1. Help with any questions you have.
  2. Help with any questions your candidates have.
  3. Our platform automatically sends all the test links via email, scores the tests, and sends you the PDF results reports.

How it Works

You create a project and enter candidates' names, test types and candidate emails. Our system sends email invites containing weblinks to take the tests online. Your candidates then complete the tests and we email you their results and provide you with in-depth feedback.

Create Your Project

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From our website you create each project easily and quickly.

  • Pick which tests you want to set
  • Enter names of candidates
  • Enter email addresses of candidates

Email Links Are Sent Out

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Test invite links are sent to the email addresses you specify. You can either put your own email address (if your candidates will be tested at your office), or put the candidates' email addresses (if you want them to take the tests remotely from home)

Candidates Take The Assessments Online

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Candidates click the email link and take the assessments online, which means hey are free to take it from home or if you prefer take it in your office.

You Receive Reports and Feedback

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As soon as assessments are complete you can quickly review and compare your candidates' results. From test setup to seeing results in your inbox, the whole process can be completed in less than 60 minutes. Feel free to call us to discuss any of your candidates' results.

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