Graduate Assessment

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Graduate Assessment

The graduate recruitment pool is large and diverse. Competition for top graduates has always been fierce as companies try to spot the best talent. Graduate employers therefore have the duel task of hiring top graduates while managing complex recruitment processes. Not only do graduate assessment programmes need to accurately predict graduate performance, they also need to provide a positive candidate experience. Poor candidate experience can lead to candidate attrition, which is easily avoided through proper planning and intelligent selection process design. Graduate recruitment processes also need to be cost effective and efficient, not requiring hundreds of hours of administration on behalf of the employing organisation.

Designing and implementing a high-quality graduate assessment process is complex and multifaceted. Organisations need to consider the following goals when designing a graduate assessment process:

Predictive Power: Ultimately this is what the tool has to achieve; the whole point in psychometric testing is that it is able to predict which candidates are most likely to turn into your star performers. Graduate roles are all about potential, and that is what Test Partnership can help you predict.

Our tests are validated against all known predictors of job performance, so we have a very clear idea of what abilities and traits are likely to be most valuable in graduates. But it doesn’t stop there. We can also work with your organisation to correlate predictive data points with real job performance in your organisation. Real evidence-based data coupled with established theory means we will find you the best graduates.

Attracting Top Talent: When attracting graduates you are competing with the biggest brands and largest companies for the same graduates. Your selection process not only has to draw-in a wide intake, it has to filter, soft and pick the best. Your organisation is more likely to achieve this if your selection process is transparent, slick, and effective. Test Partnership’s online testing platforms effectively handle thousands of assessments from all over the world. Our testing process is easy to understand, and built to select the best graduates.

Candidate Experience: We know that candidates care a great deal about how sites and software appear on screen. Our tests are contemporary and have been designed with user experience as an important driving factor. Our test interface has a sleek, clean design with buttons and selectors that are easy to click.

Your company brand is valuable. Don’t let antiquated tests ruin the nice candidate experience; let the tests enhance the candidate experience! From encouraging candidate engagement to promoting word-of-mouth awareness, a better candidate experience is better for the testing process.

All our tests are screen-reader compatible and comply with W3C accessibility standards (WAI).

Employer Branding: Easily add your logo to tests and PDF reports with the click of a button. We leave a spot for your company’s logo so you can add that for free. For an extra fee we can also completely white-label our tests to however you want. We’ve completed entire rebrands for big companies and are happy to do the same for you. Impress graduates with a fully-branded, engaging, on-message, testing experience.

Efficiency and Costs: Quickly and easily test large candidate pools. For large volumes of graduates you can use our ‘access code’ feature which means you don’t have to manually add each candidate individually. Just share a link and an access code and let the candidates come to you. Graduates register themselves, we verify their email address, and then they get started. The results automatically come to you as soon as each test is complete and you can easily sort and search the results.

For large graduate recruitment campaigns the cost per candidate is low (much lower than our standard pricing).

Objectivity and Fairness: One of the main reasons for using psychometric testing is that it helps select the best and brightest candidates without being side-tracked by human unconscious bias.

Our tests bypass background, gender, religion, and accent to get straight to what matters: genuine ability.

Our tests have gone through rigorous trials involving thousands of participants to ensure they do not unfairly discriminate against any protected characteristic. Only questions which meet these strict criteria are allowed into our tests, which means our tests are fair and legally defensible.

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