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Graduate Assessment

Psychometric testing has become a staple selection tool for high volume graduate scheme recruitment processes.

The benefits of psychometric testing in graduate assessment

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Save Time

Online assessments allow HR teams to screen thousands of candidates at the click of a button. This means that resourcing teams no longer need to sift through thousands of CVs to get the numbers down.

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Reduce costs

Manual CV sifting, telephone interviews, and other traditional screening tools require a great deal of time, and time is money. By reducing the administrative burden on HR teams, online assessments offer significant cost savings.

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Reduce time-to-hire

Within the space of a few days, thousands of applicants can be fairly and effectively screened using online assessments. This greatly increases recruitment process velocity, reducing the overall time-to-hire.

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Increase ROI

Online assessments are far stronger predictors of future job performance than traditional screening tools, increasing selection process ROI. This results in a tangible return from graduate assessment, generated by improving employee performance.

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De-risk recruitment

Most traditional screening tools are little more than a guessing game, with little predictive validity. Online assessments, however, are meaningful indicators of future performance, allowing you to de-risk hiring decisions.

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Objectivity and fairness

It’s no secret that traditional screening tools are affected by bias, with CV screening especially prone to unconscious bias. Online assessments, however, are far more objective, and cannot be tainted by assessor biases.

The challenge of graduate assessment

The graduate recruitment pool is large and diverse. Competition for top graduates has always been fierce as companies try to spot the best talent. Graduate employers therefore have the duel task of hiring top graduates while managing complex recruitment processes. Not only do graduate assessment programmes need to accurately predict graduate performance, they also need to provide a positive candidate experience.

Poor candidate experience can lead to candidate attrition, which is easily avoided through proper planning and intelligent selection process design. Graduate recruitment processes also need to be cost effective and efficient, not requiring hundreds of hours of administration on behalf of the employing organisation.

How we can help

Test Partnership’s consultants can help HR teams by presenting tailored graduate assessment solutions to employing organisations. By recommending the ideal combination of assessments, and supporting those employing organisations through the process, Test Partnership can significantly improve the efficacy and efficiency of graduate assessment processes.

We understand that every organisation is unique, and no two graduate assessment solutions will be the same. That being said, we are well acquainted with best practise in this field and can recommend well establish solutions to commonly encountered problems.

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