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MindmetriQ™: valid, reliable, and fair predictor of job performance

MindmetriQ™ Gamified Assessments

Professional gamified assessments built with serious science.

Valid, reliable, and fair gamified assessments which predict job performance. Using established research and cutting-edge technology, the MindmetriQ™ gamified assessment series helps you select the best candidates.

Overview of the MindmetriQ™ gamified assessment series

MindmetriQ: Pipe Puzzle 5 /12

Pipe Puzzle

Candidates must re-arrange the pipes to connect the two end points. Avoid the solid obstacles and make sure you have enough pipes. Typical time to complete: 6 minutes.

g facets: spatial scanning, visual memory, flexibility of closure.

MindmetriQ: Shape Spinner 2 /12

Shape Spinner

Candidates spin the wheel so that each symbol is next to one of the same shape or the same shading, but not both. Make sure you check every symbol. Typical time to complete: 4 minutes.

g facets: speeded rotation, visualization, serial perceptual integration.

MindmetriQ: Word Logic 9 /12 +15s Recall Envisage F o r get Imagine Y earn Tip is t o Advise as Remember is t o...

Word Logic

Candidates are asked to analyse verbal analogies and select the best option to complete the logical comparison. Typical time to complete: 6 minutes.

g facets: reading decoding, processing verbal information, cloze reasoning (missing information).

MindmetriQ: Link Swipe 7 /12 Almost the same Almost opposite Other Other Almost the same Almost opposite Thunder Lightning Aged Old Doubtful Ce r tain

Link Swipe

Candidates are presented with a pair of words and must swipe to indicate whether the pair of words are approximate synonyms, antonyms, or neither. Typical time to complete: 4 minutes.

g facets: lexical knowledge, processing verbal information, grammatical sensitivity.

MindmetriQ: Net the Numbers 2 /12 6 1 4 -9 -3 2 5

Net the Numbers

Candidates must drag the highlighted net over the numbers which when summed give the largest possible answer. Remember the highest number may be negative. Typical time to complete: 6 minutes.

g facets: quantitative reasoning, working memory capacity, visual processing.

MindmetriQ: Number Racer 5 4 6 -4 2 3 -1 2 5

Number Racer

Candidates must check which numbers are falling and collect those which sum to the target number. Be careful to avoid the other falling numbers. Typical time to complete: 6 minutes.

g facets: quantitative reasoning, perceptual speed, memory span.

The Science

Based on established science

Gamified assessments have a lot of potential, if they’re developed properly, according to evidence-driven scientific methods and industry-standard guidelines. And that's what we've done with the MindmetriQ™ series of gamified assessments. We've used advanced psychometric methods and calibration data from tens of thousands of test completions to bring rigorous science to the candidate-first world of gamified assessments.

The driving principle behind the MindmetriQ™ series is the same principle behind all popular cognitive ability tests; general cognitive ability (defined by Spearman as 'g') is widely accepted as the single best predictor of job performance1. So accurately measure g and you can predict someone's likely performance in a job. To achieve a robust measure of g, the MindmetriQ™ series measures six established sub-traits of general cognitive ability to build a multi-faceted, stable g-metric. All six gamified assessments have high g-loading which closely maps to the measured variable.

Technical Manual

We're proud of the extensive research that's gone into the MindmetriQ™ series and we encourage you to read it and scrutinize it. If you want just the headline psychometric properties, download our Summary Technical Fact Sheet for the summary version. And for the more technical-minded, please request a copy of our Full Technical Manual below.

MindmetriQ g-component

6x the power of traditional tests

Each of the MindmetriQ gamified assessments on their own have validity and reliability properties roughly equivalent to a traditional aptitude tests (i.e. numerical reasoning test, verbal reasoning test etc). However, each of our gamified assessments take between four and seven minutes, so you can easily include a few or all six of them to form a powerful battery of gamified assessments and build a robust measure of g.

MindmetriQ measures multiple constituent parts of g and combines them to report a robust measure of pure g.

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Extensive validation studies including academic achievement and established measures of cognitive ability such as ICAR, Insights, and composite measures (Berlin Numeracy Test, Cognitive Reflections etc.) demonstrate significant correlations between MindmetriQ and cognitive ability; ranging from r = 0.45 to 0.69, p < .001.

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Using Item Response Theory, MindmetriQ is reliable on two measures; person reliability and item reliability. All games individually have person reliability ranging between 0.71 and 0.84, and when multiple games are combined this improves even further. All of which are equivalent to exceeding Cronbach's α of 0.7.

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Fair and Defensible

Protected groups (including: gender; ethnicity; age; and sexual orientation) are treated fairly by MindmetriQ. Used in-line with our recommendations MindmetriQ demonstrates small to negligible Cohen's d group differences. All assessments are colour agnostic, device agnostic, and screen-reader compatible.

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Extensive Research

The MindmetriQ series has been calibrated using live data from over 19,000 people to achieve statistically-significant measures. We then correlated their performance with existing measures of cognitive ability. We trialled over 900 questions (items) to create the MindmetriQ series and each item collected at least 250 responses to achieve reliable calibration statistics.

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We collected data on candidate experience and found that the MindmetriQ series (μ = 7.15, σ = 2.20) was considered significantly more engaging than traditional, non-gamified assessments (μ = 6.26, σ = 2.31); t(325) = 7.13, p <.01. The short time to administer each assessment (between 4 and 7 mins) also helps to reduce candidate drop-out rates.

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Improved Acceptance

When asked to rate their experiences of taking both the MindmetriQ assessments and traditional psychometric tests, 81% of candidates (n = 322) found MindmetriQ to be less anxiety-provoking than traditional assessments. It's also easy for us to skin the MindmetriQ series to your company branding for a more memorable candidate experience.

Based on Spearman's 'g' factor

The MindmetriQ™ Series of gamified assessments are based on tasks which require high cognitive loading, with each assessment focusing on a particular element of cognitive ability (for example verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning. etc.).

General cognitive ability has been shown to be the single biggest predictor of job performance1. The MindmetriQ assessments are all scientifically-validated measures of general cognitive ability, validated using strict standards of test construction.

Fair and inclusive selection

When used in accordance with our guidance, the MindmetriQ assessments are a series of powerful and legally-defensible assessments of candidate ability.

As part of test construction, we ran extensive adverse impact studies to ensure that MindmetriQ gamified assessments do not unfairly discriminate against any legally-protected group (e.g. gender, age, ethnicity etc). Using results from tens of thousands of test completions we can safely demonstrate that MindmetriQ does not unfairly discriminate against any protected group.

Improved Candidate Experience

It’s no secret that traditional ability tests aren’t particularly fun to complete. This is especially true for candidates who experience test anxiety and find testing experiences stressful. For others, boredom is the issue, which increases the likelihood of candidate attrition. MindmetriQ™ however, has been designed to be both more enjoyable and less anxiety provoking than traditional assessments, providing a more positive candidate experience. This helps ensure that candidates stick with the assessment process, helping to reduce candidate attrition. Similarly, a great candidate experience encourages applicants to speak positively about the recruitment process, encouraging further applications.

Greater Accessibility

Unlike most traditional aptitude tests, MindmetriQ is designed for use on mobile devices. Increasingly, GenZ are turning away from desktop and laptop devices, which are becoming increasingly obsolete in the face of improved mobile technology. Requiring that candidates’ complete assessments on a laptop or desktop device, therefore, may come as an unwelcome surprise. Moreover, young people from lower socioeconomic status backgrounds may not have immediate access to a laptop or desktop computer, discouraging them from applying. MindmetriQ™ however, is fully mobile enabled, and is just as easily completed on a mobile device as it is on a laptop or desktop computer.


Commonly asked questions.

  • What is a gamified assessment and why should I care?

    Because they can measure cognitive ability better than traditional assessments and therefore can better predict job performance. This is closely related to the fact that gamified (i.e. animated, complex, multifaceted) assessments have high g-loading and tap into a person's innate mental horsepower. Measure cognitive ability well and you can predict job performance well.

    Gamified assessments are not just a gimmick (OK well some are but not well-researched ones like ours); they are used because they work. Employers are embracing this new technology, and those who do can get to the best candidates first.

  • I've seen a lot of gamified stuff. Why is MindmetriQ any different?

    Our gamified assessments correlate with Spearman's g just as well, if not better than other aptitude tests (gamified or not). And that's a big claim, which we can backup through the research in our Full Technical Manual.

    When we developed our MindmetriQ series we went back to the drawing board and thought carefully about why we were doing it, instead of just jumping on the gamification bandwagon. The rationale was actually quite clear: 'games' can require a lot of mental horsepower if you design in complex mental tasks. We know from the scientific literature that tasks which require high mental horsepower (or cognitive ability, or intellect, or g, call it what you will) predict job performance very well.

    So with this strong rationale we got quite excited about developing something which was both enjoyable and effective. We set about designing gamified cognitive tasks which tap into cognitive ability. We followed the usual process when designing a valid and reliable psychometric test: define clearly the constructs; produce item writing specifications; write loads of items (hundreds in our case because the assessments are all adaptive); trial them on lots of people (over 19,000 respondents in our case); calibrate item difficulty; calculate reliability; measure fit, quality and guessability; refine and re-calibrate; validate against existing measures; conduct adverse impact studies; and build norm groups.

    We succeeded in our objective of creating an exciting product candidates would enjoy and predicts job performance very well.

    Please do have a look at the stats in our technical manual to see why we're so proud of the MindmetriQ gamified assessments.

  • How do you protect candidate data?

    We're glad you asked! This is something Test Partnership are quite passionate about and we have implemented privacy by design principles throughout our organisation. We have a whole host of safeguards including: access control; encryption; firewalls; retention policies; and anonymisation. To see all the steps we take please see our GDPR page.

  • What is adaptive testing and how does it work for gamified assessments?

    Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) is an iterative algorithm which maximises the accuracy and reliability of a psychometric assessment. It does this by selecting the most effective questions for each candidate, based on their specific level of ability.

    When a candidate answers a question incorrectly, that candidate’s estimated ability is lowered, and the assessment dynamically changes difficulty to become slightly easier. When a candidate answers a question correctly, that candidate’s estimated ability is raised, and the assessment subsequently administers slightly harder items. This makes the assessment far more accurate and greatly reduces candidates’ ability to cheat, as each candidate receives a unique combination of items.

    So how is this applied to gamified assessments?

    Gamified assessments are psychometric assessments just like any other, and subsequently work on the basis of items and item banks. Each assessment within the MindmetriQ suite has its own item bank, allowing the CAT algorithm to choose from a wide range of questions. This makes our games both more accurate and harder to cheat on than most other gamified assessments.

  • What devices can I complete MindmetriQ on?

    Unlike most traditional ability tests, MindmetriQ is equally accessible on mobile and tablet devices as it is on desktop or laptop computers. Traditional ability tests, especially numerical reasoning tests which include dense graphs or tables of information, are very difficult to fit on a small screen, limiting accessibility. MindmetriQ however, has been designed from scratch to be 100% mobile compatible. So you can use any device to complete MindmetriQ.

  • How much does it cost to use MindmetriQ?

    It's best to contact us for pricing on the MindmetriQ series because we can do custom packages. It depends on many factors including number of candidates, fixed-term or flexible, customisation, and collaboration opportunities.

  • Can we customise MindmetriQ to our branding?

    Yes, it's easy for us to customise the branding, colours, layout, logo, URL, and format of our assessments to meet specific your needs. This can range from a relatively simple colour change, to a complete redesign of the assessment, and everything in between. Customisations come at extra cost, so it's best to discuss this with us.

  • Can we get MindmetriQ in a language other than English?

    Four of the games (Net The Numbers, Number Racer, Pipe Puzzle, and Shape Spinner) are easy to translate into other languages. We currently offer these in English, español and français. The word games (Word Logic and Link Swipe) are much more difficult to translate, we only offer these in English.

Boost candidate engagement

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Different to the other tests I took for grad jobs which I hate but this was a lot more interactive.


Something I would tell my friends about to see what they thought. I can see why someone would use this type of test.

Looks nice

I could see people playing this on their phones. Looks better than normal numerical and written assessments I've taken.


I found the racing game really hard. Not sure if I could pass but I thought it was fun to try it.

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