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Game-based Assessments

Assess a candidate's cognitive ability with engaging gamified assessments designed to boost the candidate experience.

  • 4-6 mins each
  • 12 questions
  • Engaging and valid
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6,000+ companies use Test Partnership candidate assessments

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MindmetriQ™ Gamified Assessments

Engaging gamified assessments built with serious science.

  • Rapid 4-6 minutes assessments
  • 12 questions per game
  • All levels covered: apprentice to CEO
  • PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Automatic cheat-protection systems
  • Accessible and unbiased by design
  • Predicts workplace performance
  • CSV upload and ATS integration
  • Use your logo and branding

Our MindmetriQ™ gamified assessments are developed using advanced psychometrics, industry-standard guidelines, and data from thousands of test completions to ensure their accuracy and reliability.

We measure six cognitive sub-traits to create a robust general cognitive ability metric, a proven predictor of job performance.

Our game-based assessments provide valid, reliable, and fair evaluations that help predict candidates' job performance. Combining established research with cutting-edge technology, the MindmetriQ™ game-based assessment series empowers you to make informed, confident candidate selections.

Tried and trusted

Join a community of over 6,000 global companies using Test Partnership assessments to help them hire the best people quickly, easily, and fairly.

"Great customer and client service, super responsive account managers and tech support. The testing platform is extremely easy to use."

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Tim Jackson Director and Principle Advisor, HR Solutions Hub Ltd

"A reliable tool that helps us hire the best talent in the market. It gives us an overall view of the candidate’s performance in real-time."

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Rocel Magtibay Human Resource Director, Helmi Talib Group

"The Test Partnership team are incredibly helpful - and quick to respond (we're talking within minutes!)"

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Mollie Cross Talent Partner, Instant Impact

"The site can be personalised, is easy to navigate, and the ability to make your own tests is very beneficial."

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Charlotte Butt HR Lead & Associate Partner, Daniel Watney LLP

Test Partnership has a large library of sophisticated tests that we can implement quickly. The team are great and always on hand with a speedy response.

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Paul Porter Senior Recruitment Operations Manager, Bright Network

"In the new age of remote workers, and hiring through teams etc. Test Partnership is an excellent tool to evaluate a candidate. Test Partnership is solving the lack of meeting candidates face-to-face."

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Frank Larsen Chief Commercial Officer, Signagelive

"Test Partnership's assessments have been a great way for us to easily screen and test candidates. It's fast to use and we highly recommend it."

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Horatiu Ticau Head of People Operations, Seedstars

Our series of MindmetriQ™ Gamified Assessments

Sample our game-based assessments

MindmetriQ: Pipe Puzzle 5 /12

Pipe Puzzle

Candidates must re-arrange the pipes to connect the two end points. Avoid the solid obstacles and make sure you have enough pipes.

Typical time to complete: 6 minutes.

g facets: spatial scanning, visual memory, flexibility of closure.

MindmetriQ: Shape Spinner 2 /12

Shape Spinner

Candidates spin the wheel so that each symbol is next to one of the same shape or the same shading, but not both. Make sure you check every symbol.

Typical time to complete: 4 minutes.

g facets: speeded rotation, visualization, serial perceptual integration.

MindmetriQ: Word Logic 9 /12 +15s Recall Envisage F o r get Imagine Y earn Tip is t o Advise as Remember is to...

Word Logic

Candidates are asked to analyse verbal analogies and select the best option to complete the logical comparison.

Typical time to complete: 6 minutes.

g facets: reading decoding, processing verbal information, cloze reasoning (missing information).

MindmetriQ: Link Swipe 7 /12 Almost the same Almost opposite Other Other Almost the same Almost opposite Thunder Lightning Aged Old Doubtful Ce r tain

Link Swipe

Candidates are presented with a pair of words and must swipe to indicate whether the pair of words are approximate synonyms, antonyms, or neither.

Typical time to complete: 4 minutes.

g facets: lexical knowledge, processing verbal information, grammatical sensitivity.

MindmetriQ: Net the Numbers 2 /12 6 1 4 -9 -3 2 5

Net the Numbers

Candidates must drag the highlighted net over the numbers which when summed give the largest possible answer. Remember the highest number may be negative.

Typical time to complete: 4 minutes.

g facets: quantitative reasoning, working memory capacity, visual processing.

MindmetriQ: Number Racer 5 4 6 -4 2 3 -1 2 5

Number Racer

Candidates must check which numbers are falling and collect those which sum to the target number. Be careful to avoid the other falling numbers.

Typical time to complete: 6 minutes.

g facets: quantitative reasoning, perceptual speed, memory span.

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Boost candidate experience

Traditional ability tests are often unenjoyable and anxiety-inducing for candidates. MindmetriQ™, in contrast, prioritises a positive candidate experience, making assessments more enjoyable and less stressful. This approach reduces candidate attrition and fosters positive feedback, ultimately attracting more applicants.

Assessments led by science

Proven and trusted online assessments to quickly identify potential. All our assessments use robust science backed up by research and development according to EFPA standards.

Developed by experts

Our qualified in-house business psychologists have been developing psychometric tests for over 10 years. They push for innovation and are regular lecturers at Birkbeck, University of London. Our psychologists have developed advanced expertise in the latest psychometric methods including item response theory including the Rash model. Our expertise means we are often used by other psychometric test publishers to help them build or improve their psychometric assessments. By working with Test Partnership you get industry-recognised expertise from qualified business psychologists.

Industry-leading accuracy

Our psychologists use the latest psychometric test models including item response theory (IRT) to ensure accurate test scores. Our assessments have industry-leading reliability and validity properties, so you can have confidence in the outcomes. The results you get from our assessments have been demonstrated through research to be highly accurate which means you get actionable insights into your candidates' performance. By working with Test Partnership you get confidence in your data.

Reduce bias

All our assessments have robust evidence to prove they do not adversely affect protected groups. Our test development process includes trialling our questions on tens of thousands of participants from mixed backgrounds, and our research shows 'Cohens d' effect sizes better than industry best-practice. You can use our assessments safe in the knowledge that they are fair and inclusive.

The strongest predictor of success

Research, including large meta studies, has repeatedly shown that cognitive ability is the strongest predictor of workplace performance (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998). To find the best employees you need to assess for cognitive ability, and Test Partnership assessments accurately measure cognitive ability at every level. Cognitive ability correlates with job performance better than any other indicator including interviews, past experience, and degree classification. By using our ability tests, you can confidently identify the best candidates and predict future success.

led by science
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Game-based tests based on Spearman's 'g' factor

The MindmetriQ™ Series of gamified assessments are based on tasks which require high cognitive loading, with each assessment focusing on a particular element of cognitive ability (for example verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning. etc.).

General cognitive ability has been shown to be the single biggest predictor of job performance. The MindmetriQ™ assessments are all scientifically-validated measures of general cognitive ability, validated using strict standards of test construction.

Gamified assessment FAQs

Are game-based assessments as good as traditional ones?

Game-based assessments can actually measure cognitive ability better than traditional assessments and therefore can better predict job performance. This is closely related to the fact that gamified (i.e. animated, complex, multifaceted) assessments have high g-loading and tap into a person's innate mental horsepower.

So gamified assessments are not just a gimmick (well some poorly made ones are, but not well-researched ones like ours); they are used because they work. Employers are embracing this new technology, and those who do can get to the best candidates first.

What devices can I complete MindmetriQ™ on?

Unlike most traditional ability tests, MindmetriQ™ game-based tests are equally accessible on mobile and tablet devices as they are on desktop or laptop computers. Traditional ability tests, especially numerical reasoning tests which include dense graphs or tables of information, are very difficult to fit on a small screen, limiting accessibility. MindmetriQ™ however, has been designed from scratch to be 100% mobile compatible so you can use any device.

What other languages does MindmetriQ™ come in?

Four of the games (Net The Numbers, Number Racer, Pipe Puzzle, and Shape Spinner) are easy to translate into other languages. We currently offer these in English, español and français. The word games (Word Logic and Link Swipe) are much more difficult to translate, we only offer these in English.

Can we customise MindmetriQ™ to our company branding?

Yes, it's easy for us to customise the branding, colours, layout, logo, URL, and format of our game-based assessments to meet specific your needs. This can range from a relatively simple colour change, to a complete redesign of the assessment, and everything in between. Customisations come at extra cost, so it's best to discuss this with us.

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