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Cutting-Edge Pre-Employment Testing Platform

Avoid Costly Mis-Hires and Recruit Smarter

Finding the best candidates has never been faster or easier.

Engage Candidates

Job-relevant visuals and adaptive testing allow for an increased candidate experience

Hire with Accuracy

Reliably identify high-performers from your candidate pool with extreme ease and accuracy.

Fair and Inclusive

Fair and unbiased towards protected groups. Our tests exceed current standards

Easy to use

Manage and export candidates' results easily with our intuitive dashboard.

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"Test Partnership helped us improve quality of hire across all levels with zero friction to our hiring process"
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Stephen Reilly Talent Director

Easy to use management platform

Getting set up with our pre-employment testing platform takes less than five minutes and couldn't be simpler. Our system follows an intuitive three step process:

create project

1) Create a project

The first step is to create a project. This is where you specify which pre-employment tests you want your candidates to complete.


Users can create as many projects as they need, and projects can include any combination of our tests. Projects can be added, edited or removed at any time.

invite candidates

2) Invite candidates

Once you have created a project, the next step is to invite your candidates to join it.


Candidates can be invited individually or in bulk through CSV upload. This can be done with the candidate's name and email address or it can be anonymous. Our system then automatically sends their login details.

View results

3) View their results

Once a candidate finishes their tests, you are automatically notified and the results are made available.


PDF reports or Excel exports are sent straight to your inbox. Alternatively, you can log in and view the results at any time, on any device and from any location.

Seamless integrations

We integrate with your ATS, CRM, EMS, HRS, or any other software solution. Our software engineers have integrated with some of the biggest ATS providers and we regularly write fresh integrations.

We want to make your life easier, and seamless integration is at the heart of this.

  • lumesse
  • Taleo
  • greenhouse
  • Jazz HR
  • Workable
  • Bespoke
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