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Psychometrics for Experienced Hires

How psychometric testing can help organisations hire experienced staff

The unique challenges that employers face in experienced hire recruitment

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Higher stakes:

Experienced hires are given high levels of responsibility, almost immediately following hire. As a result, experienced mis-hires can be quite destructive to employing organisations, costing far more than the mis-hires salary in lost productivity.

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Ineffective interviewing:

The more experienced the candidate is with interviews, the more likely they are to game them. With enough practice, a knowledge of the appropriate buzzwords, and the CAR or STAR method of interviewing, it becomes easy to game the interview process.

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Deceptive CVs:

Experience hires, especially when supported by recruitment consultants, are likely to window dress their CV. Often, experienced hires will be aware of the buzzwords and formatting that makes a CV attractive, making CV sifting less effective.

How psychometrics should be used to hire experienced professionals

Psychometrics are just as important for experienced hires as they are for emerging talent, however, they must be used differently. Whereas graduates and apprentices typically see psychometric tests very early in the recruitment process, psychometrics should be used later in the process for experienced hires. Quite frankly, this is because experienced hires have more power and agency in the process than graduates / apprentices. As a result, experienced hires will likely only complete assessments after feeling invested in the recruitment process itself, which means using psychometrics in the mid-late stages of the process.

As a consequence of this, experienced hires will need to feel thoroughly vetted when completing psychometrics. If an experienced hire is screened out based on psychometric assessments, they need to feel like that is justified, especially in the later stages of the process. As a result, we recommend using a battery of assessments, particularly assessments which are longer and more robust than the short, sifting assessments associated with emerging talent recruitment.

How Test Partnership can help

Test Partnership offers a range of assessments which have been specifically designed for lower volume, higher stakes recruitment. These assessments offer a greater degree of precision and depth than the typical sifting assessments used in emerging talent recruitment, giving a significantly more robust feel. This ensures that experienced hires feel thoroughly vetted after completing them and will feel that selection decisions made based on them will be justified. This helps reduce candidate attrition, ensuring that experienced hires actually comply with the demands of the recruitment process.

The greater degree of precision offered by these low volume, high stakes assessments ensures that even subtle differences between candidates can be reliably identified. Without the luxury of a large applicant pool, difference between candidates will likely be slight, and possibly undetectable using relatively short and therefore blunt screening tools. More robust assessments, however, can identify those differences, increasing the probability of making the right selection decisions.

Assessments we recommend for experienced hires

The following assessments are especially useful in mid-late stage, high stakes, and low volume recruitment. Unlike comparatively blunt high volume sifting tools, these assessments provide a far greater level of precision, ensuring that candidates are fairly and thoroughly vetted.

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1) Concepts Data Analysis

The MindmetriQ series of gamified ability tests measures the essential cognitive abilities which underpin performance at work.


It comprises six engaging games, providing an ideal candidate experience for high volume graduate, apprentice, and internship schemes.

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2) Concepts Critical Thinking

This test measures the ability to conceptualise, apply, analyse and evaluate information in order to reach a meaningful conclusion.


More powerful than a traditional verbal reasoning test, Concepts Critical Thinking is essential for roles involving complex qualitative information and / or meaningful decision making.

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3) TPAQ-45 Complete Profile:

This test measures the key personality traits which collectively comprise a person’s character, temperament and behavioural preferences.


The TPAQ-45 Complete Profile measures 45 distinct personality traits, providing an unparalleled level of depth when predicting future performance, job-fit, and culture-fit.

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