Executive Assessment

  • High-stakes selection
  • Directors
  • Non-execs
  • C-suite & board level
  • Global heads
  • Independent norms
  • Sensitive handling

Executive Assessment

High-stakes recruitment requires high-touch assessment. When it comes to selecting new leaders, organisations cannot be too careful, as mistakes can have devastating effects. Test Partnership can use its expertise to provide high-touch assessment services for high-stakes assessment. Using a wide range of assessments, we accurately identify each candidate’s strengths, weakness, and overall potential. Once the data has been collected, analysed, and interpreted, it is reported back to the client organisation in an informative and easy to read report. Full feedback is also provided to each candidate, helping them gain from the experience regardless of outcome.

Here is our methodology for individual assessment:

Brief candidates: All candidates will be fully informed before assessment begins. This involves explaining the purpose of each assessment, what it measures, and why it is being used. Once candidates feel comfortable with the assessment process, and only then, can assessment begin.

Collect data: Drawing from a wide range of possible assessments, a number of assessments will be given to the candidates. Each assessment will have a clear purpose, offering a unique and essential insight into the candidate’s potential. Assessments can be entirely remote, entirely supervised, or some combination of the two, depending on the client’s needs.

Report findings: Once data collection has been completed, we write up our findings and present them to the client organisation. Clients will receive a copy of each report, outlining in depth the strengths, weaknesses, and overall potential of each candidate.

Provide feedback: Once the findings have been reported to the client organisation, candidate feedback can commence. Feedback can be conducted face to face, over the phone or via the internet, whichever is most convenient. Feedback provides valuable insight, and benefits candidates regardless of the recruitment outcome.

For more information on our executive assessment service, please contact us on 02070 210 526 or email us at info@testpartnership.com.