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Executive Assessment

Using psychometric testing to identify high potential executives and business leaders.

The benefits of psychometric testing in executive recruitment?

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Soft skills

Capturing those soft skills is an essential, but often omitted element of executive assessment programmes. Our assessments allow you to measure these essential softer skills, helping create a more holistic selection process.

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Significant ROI

Even a small improvement in executive performance results in tremendous improvements in organisational effectiveness. This ranks executive assessment programmes among the best investments an organisation can make.

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Objective and fair

Unlike most traditional selection tools, psychometric tests are unaffected by the unconscious or implicitly biases of the assessor. This ensures that each candidate is tested on a level playing field, supporting diversity initiatives.

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Convenient and fast

Unlike traditional employee selection tools such as interviews and assessment centres, psychometric tests can be completed at the candidate's convenience. This helps avoid awkward scheduling issues, maximising candidate retention.

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De-risk recruitment

When hiring business leaders, the stakes of recruitment simply couldn’t be higher. Adding psychometrics and the expertise of an experienced business psychologist can dramatically de-risk the process, reducing the probability of a miss-hire.

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Neutral and Impartial

Psychometric tests results are indifferent to organisational politics, which cannot be influenced by those managing the recruitment process. This means they provide neutral and impartial recommendations for recruitment.

The Challenge of executive assessment

Hiring new business leaders represents one of the biggest challenges facing hiring teams, as the stakes of recruitment couldn’t be higher. Make the wrong hiring decision and hire a poor performing executive, the costs could be astronomical. Make the right decision, and the new executive could turn the organisation around, ushering in a new era of growth.

This place significant responsibility on the hiring team, and the quality of their selection decisions depends solely on the quality of the information used to make that selection decision. It is therefore imperative that executive assessment programmes utilise as much high quality information as possible when making selection decisions, which means utilising psychometric testing.

How we can help

Test Partnership offers a comprehensive executive assessment package, combining cutting edge psychometric assessments with meaningful, hands-on consultancy. Test Partnership’s consultants will rigorously assess executive candidates and provide detailed, actionable feedback to the employing organisation.

We understand that mis-hires at executive level can pose an existential threat to organisations, and thus recognise the importance of high quality executive assessment. Similarly, we understand that star executives radically transform organisations for the better, making executive assessment all the more important.

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