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Psychometrics for Emerging Talent

How psychometric testing can help organisations hire graduates, apprentices, and interns

The unique challenges that employers face in emerging talent recruitment

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Little Experience:

For young people who have little / no work experience, CV sifting becomes an exercise in futility. Similarly, without much experience to draw from, interviews are significantly less effective at gauging potential in emerging talent.

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High volumes:

Graduate, apprentice, and internship schemes are likely to attract large numbers of applications, all of whom deserve a fair chance at success. This means organisations must find fair and effective ways to screen high volumes of candidates.

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Significant competition:

Other employing organisations are desperate to hire the best and brightest emerging talent. This means that organisations of all sizes compete to acquire top talent, and the best candidates are likely to receive multiple offers.

How psychometrics should be used to hire emerging talent

Due to the high volume nature of emerging talent recruitment, psychometric assessments need to be convenient, quick, and ideally fun. Today’s graduates and apprentices apply to a wide range of organisations, which inevitably means a great deal of testing. If you ask too much from candidates, they will simply act tactically and avoid completing your assessments. Instead, they will focus their attention on organisations with quicker, sleeker, and less onerous assessments.

Similarly, if the assessments are boring, repetitive, and uninteresting, you also run the risk of candidate attrition. This is particularly likely to happen during the assessment itself, especially if the candidate starts to believe they aren’t doing well. Instead, you should aim to provide an engaging candidate experience, encouraging participation and reducing the probability of early stage candidate attrition. Although its convenient to think “well, they couldn’t have been that keen on working with us anyway”, in reality you are competing for talent, just the same way talent is competing for employment.

How Test Partnership can help

Test Partnership designs its assessments with candidate experience in mind. Our MindmetriQ series of gamified assessments for example, are designed specifically for emerging talent recruitment. It comprises six fun and engaging games, each measuring specific aspects of cognitive ability, essential to workplace performance. The full MindmetriQ series can be completed by candidates in around 30 minutes and can be undertaken on any device. This provides a uniquely positive, engaging, and accessible candidate experience, ideal for today’s emerging talent.

Similarly, all of our ability tests, both gamified and traditional, employ computer adaptive testing (CAT). CATs utilise algorithms that tailor the assessments difficulty to the ability of each candidate. This means that the test homes in on the candidates’ level of ability, reducing the number of questions required to reach a reliable score. This speeds the testing process up significantly, while also making the test feel challenging, but not overwhelming for the candidates.

Assessments we recommend for emerging talent

The following assessments are especially useful for emerging talent recruitment. These assessments are designed to quickly and conveniently identify high performers, while providing an excellent candidate experience.

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1) MindmetriQ Series

The MindmetriQ series of gamified ability tests measures the essential cognitive abilities which underpin performance at work.


It comprises six engaging games, providing an ideal candidate experience for high volume graduate, apprentice, and internship schemes.

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2) Insights Series

The Insights Series of ability tests comprise computer adaptive numerical, verbal, and inductive reasoning tests.


Overall, completing all three assessments typically takes around 30 minutes, making insights both convenient for candidates and informative to employers.

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3) TPAQ-27 Express profile

This test measures the key personality traits which collectively comprise a person’s character, temperament and behavioural preferences.


This assessment takes around 10-15 minutes to complete, quickly and conveniently identifying the key behavioural traits that underpin performance and culture-fit.

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