Candidate Management System

Simple candidate management system to track, source, and sort your candidates.

Sort Candidates

Rank, sort, select, and review candidates on one place.

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Invite Candidates

Add new candidates to your management system or let candidates invite themselves.

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Test Candidates

Assess candidates' aptitude and personality traits all in one place.

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Use our candidate management software to select the best candidates for your role.

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Candidate Management System Features

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Candidate Communication

From inside the candidate management system you can send, reply, and follow-up on all candidate communications.

Trace candidate interaction and manage conversations.

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Easy To Use

Start using the management system straight away with our intuitive interface.

Stop dealing with complicated Excel spreadsheets and slow email clients.

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Applicant Tracking

Follow each candidate's journey through the selection process: attract, engange, assess, hire.

The full candidate lifecycle is easily managed through your online dashboard.

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