Applicant Tracking System

Source, track, sort, engage and manage your candidate applicant pool from one easy-to-use application. Gone are the days of messy spreadsheets and forgotten emails; easily manage your entire attraction pipeline using smart views, filters, and reporting. We've designed the best applicant tracking system for modern recruiters and HR managers.

Applicant Tracking System Features

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Full Candidate Visibility

Slick and intuitive candidate interface to track and sort your talent pipeline from initial contact to on-boarding.

Clear pipeline of your candidates recruitment journey.

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Drag and Drop Functionality

Easily drag candidate records from one stage into the next when they progress. Apply > Rate > Outcome > Respond.

Keep applicants in the know 24-7. Candidates can easily track where they are in the process.

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Candidate Experience

Treat your applicants like customers. Bad user experiences can result in poor candidate motivation and failed on-boarding.

Candidates will enjoy using our applicant tracking system as much as recruiters.

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Create and Manage Jobs

Applicants can apply directly to your job via smart 'apply now' links embedded in your job listing. Manage your jobs and easily track candidates end-to-end.

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Expert Support

Our team are here for 24-7 email support and 24-5 telephone support. If you need guidance on any part of our applicant tracking software just let us know and one of our friendly support team will save the day!

Your time is valubale and we want to make sure the software works seamlessly for your and for your candidates. Let us deal with the technical details while you focus on selecting the best applicants.

Applicant Traking Made Easy

Modern software to track your candidates and make your life easier.

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